My Brand

       As a photographer I try to communicate my visual vocabulary by looking through the aperture to define and link what I see in front of me with my interpretations of what I am seeing.  It represents a connection to what’s surrounding me and the intimacy I have established with my subjects through the conduit of a lens.

            For as long as I can remember I have been drawn to nature and the spirit of the natural world. As a child growing up in Montana, I went to the woods to experience, learn and explore and to find peace within myself.  It was the beginning of my journey to see, feel, to become one with nature.  My models are the plants, waterfalls, and animals, actually all things nature in addition to the paraphernalia of the western style of life.  I find that essence of tranquility in each of my images and hope that those who see my images feel that same sense of tranquility.  A photograph can help us understand, appreciate, and admire an aspect of nature that is normally overlooked. It can cause us to want to learn more, or become more involved. It can find beauty in something that is feared; find interesting details in something otherwise benign.  I try to evoke a sense of place and transport the viewer into the environment I am photographing on both intimate and grand scales. If I am successful, I believe that the image will “speak” to the viewer and evoke emotion.

            The collection of images that I shoot are a celebration of the extraordinary beauty to be discovered in the natural world around us, the beauty that lies in the glint of a lifestyle, the glory of a waterfalls, or the sweeping view of a beautiful landscape.  I am inspired to compose by the contrast of light and dark, while I use the changing light to arouse the mood of my images.  I strive to create poetic, tranquil and romantic images that are mostly clean and minimalistic.  In order to achieve this, I strive to take images filling the entire frame with the image.  The key elements that I try to be aware of when composing my photographs are, what is the kind of light I am using, where that light is coming from, what positive and negative elements are in the photograph and the composition of the lines in the subject and most importantly, what emotion or feeling I am experiencing when I take the picture.  I not only want to inspire awe in the viewer, but also to stimulate empathy and love and for them to feel the same emotion I felt.  These images reflect my joyous endeavor to put myself close to nature, to be fully present to the beauty and to let it lighten my spirit.  This is what holds together my images as a cohesive whole that makes them fit together as a visual story.  I love to get lost in along a stream or trail, where all sense of time vanishes and I become totally consumed by both the smallest delicate details and the broad scope of what surrounds me, these images transforms the viewer allowing them to get lost also.

            I believe one aspect that sets me apart from other photographers is that I have discovered that my passion for exploring the beauty of the natural world is increasingly intertwined with my spiritual journey.  This discovery guided my insatiable desire to experience first hand the vast array of natural beauty surrounding us and to share these glimpses of beauty with everyone through my images.   Another aspect of my unique brand that sets me apart is that in order to create images that inspire, provoke thought, evoke emotion, and rekindle the natural spirit I gather objects of personal meaning and work in the moment, responding to what feels right.  My images encourage dialogue with the viewer about the beauty, diversity and hardship of our ever-changing world.  My photographs create an intimate conversation that takes the viewer to a place of quiet contemplation.  




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